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P4SPR™ Series - Portable benchtop SPR

P4SPR™ Series - Portable benchtop SPR

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Rethinking surface plasmon resonance – The P4SPR™ is an everyday tool for researchers to quickly develop bioassays and undertake biomolecular interaction characterizations from the convenience of your lab bench.

The Unique Benefit's of Affinite's Innovation:


No more complex instrumentation/manipulations. Just a streamlined workflow on injections accessible to beginner and advanced scientists. You are 15 minutes away to getting real-time biosensing results. 


Adaptable at many levels to address standard and innovative applications. Compact for benchtop and portable applications. Flexible microfluidics for cartridge integration. Modular Optical Design for system integration of biosensing platforms. 


Large SPR capital equipment is expensive in both time and money for most applications. For less than a year in maintenance costs on large SPR devices, you can have the P4SPR benchtop instrument, allowing you to get rapid answers on your protein interactions or scout optimal SPR conditions. 

Affinité Instruments offers two Portable Surface Plasmon Resonance (P4SPR™) models for your specific needs.

P4SPR machine

Dual Inlet Model

Best for assay development

  • Triplicate sample channel measurement with reference channel 

  • Connect to Affinité’s injection loop side module for kinetics analysis


P4SPR machine

Quad Inlet Model

Best for intermediate screening

  • Simultaneous comparison of four different samples at once.  

  • Fewer chip consumable usage.

Table 1. Comparison of large and portable SPR instruments

  Large SPR System Small SPR System
Accessibility Accessible often only in centralized labs through advanced booking Any benchtop or even off-site, anytime
Consumable Cost High Low cost sensor chips ranging from a few to tens of dollars per chip
Maintenance Cost High, yearly contract Low to none
Type of Operator Trained personnel specifically for each SPR system Any researcher, clinician, postdoc, or student
Applications Binding kinetics of drug candidates Bio-/chemosensing, characterization of binding interactions, assay development
Modularity No Yes



Key Features:

  • Thin film-based SPR

  • Dimensions: 175 x 155 x 55 mm (6.89 x 6.10 x 2.17 inches)

  • Weight:  < 1.3 kg (2.87lbs)

  • USB powered

  • Microfluidic cell min. volume: 50 uL

  • Sensitivity:  2750 nm/RIU

  • Resolution : 1 micro RIU

  • Dynamic range: 1.33 to 1.39 refractive index unit

  • Coefficient of variation on signal: < 0.6%

  • Polychromatic light source

  • P4SPR Control™ graphical user interface

  • Compatible with TraceDrawer™

  • LabView™ control graphic user interface 

  • CE Marked



Feel free to contact us to request a 30 minute demonstration.