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48 x real-time PCR 48-well plates for Illumina Eco machines

48 x real-time PCR 48-well plates for Illumina Eco machines

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BrightWhite qPCR Plates - the best possible real-time PCR is performed using white, opaque plasticware. As fluorescence is the key output from a real-time PCR reaction it is crucial that as much of the fluorescent information available as possible is captured. Clear plastics spray light in all directions. BrightWhite plates channel all of the fluorescent output from your reaction straight back to the detector. Brighter, better data.

At least 5 x more fluorescent output vs. clear plastic.


BrightWhite qPCR Plates feature:

  • White opaque plastic gives brighter, better data
  • Extreme uniformity of wall thickness
  • Truly flat plates reduce well-to-well variability
  • Cost effective pricing


BrightWhite qPCR Plates - The following graphs illustrate the significant difference having a more favourable optical plate can make. We have compared the expression of 4 common genes running in 2 half-plates in the same machine simultaneously. The results speak for themselves.

Overall BrightWhite vs leading competitor:

BrightWhite vs Clear Plate

BrightWhite results in earlier Cq values:

Earlier ct values

Size: 48 plates

Catalogue Number: Z-BW-ECO