anti-A1, A2, A3 human blood antigen IgM

anti-A1, A2, A3 human blood antigen IgM

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anti - A1, A2, A3 blood antigen antibody


Product Description: A1, A2, A3 IgM (monoclonal)

Catalogue Number: 133-A

Size: 100μg

Specificity: A1, A2, A3 human blood antigen

Clone: Z2B-1

Origin: Mouse hybridoma

Purity: Protein A purified

Buffer/Composition: 0.3 M NaCl; 1.25 mM EDTA; 0.1% Na Azide

Concentration: 1 mg/ml, bulk amount available upon request

Storage: Long Term: -80˚C
              Short Term: 4˚C

Application: Blood group typing in direct agglutination tests. slide test, tube test, microplate test

Cross Reactivity: No cross-reactivity

The products are for laboratory research use or further manufacturing only and should not be used for human therapeutic or diagnostic applications