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anti-A1, A2  human blood antigen IgM

anti-A1, A2 human blood antigen IgM

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anti - A1, A2 blood antigen antibody


Product Description: A1, A2 IgM (monoclonal)

Catalogue Number: 132-A

Size: 100μg

Specificity: A1, A2 human blood antigen

Clone: Z2A

Origin: Mouse hybridoma

Purity: Ammonium sulfate precipitate

Buffer/Composition: 1 X PBS pH 7.2;

Concentration: 1 mg/ml, bulk amount available upon request

Storage: Long Term: -80˚C

              Short Term: 4˚C

Application: Blood group typing in direct agglutination tests, slide test, tube test, microplate test

The products are for laboratory research use or further manufacturing only and should not be used for human therapeutic or diagnostic applications