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BagLight Multilayer 400 - Box of 500 (Packs of 25)

BagLight Multilayer 400 - Box of 500 (Packs of 25)

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Non-filter bag


Ref. 132 225 (400 mL)

BagLight MultiLayer is a blender bag without filter. It is ideal for sample preparation. BagLight MultiLayer is particularly suitable for samples that are hard or difficult to homogenize.

  • Multilayer: reinforced multicoated complex
  • Reinforced weldings
  • Resistant: from -40°C to 80°C / -40°F to 176°F

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Product Description

One bag for the full analysis

With BagLight MultiLayer, use the same bag to sample, blend and pipet. This will prevent cross-contamination and save time.

Prélever échantillon
1. Place the sample

Diluer échantillon
2. Dilute the sample

Homogeneiser échantillon
3. Blend the sample

BagLight - Pipet the filtrate
4. Pipet the filtrate



BagLight Multilayer has been specially designed for the sample preparation of hard samples or long blendings. It is made of a reinforced multilayer complex and the welds are reinforced. It is compatible with all types of blenders.

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No cross-contaminations

There is no contact between the sample and the mixer during homogenization. This avoids cross-contamination.

The bag can be closed with a BagClip or welded. It is processed by gamma ray.

Blender - risks of contaminations
BagFilter P - Lab blender



BagLight is used according to the protocols in the field of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and environmental and public research institutes. It adapts itself to every step of sample preparation.

Application - FoodApplication - PharmaceuticalApplication - Cosmetics

                  Application - EnvironmentalApplication - Public research


Reference 132 225
Ideal For all uses in the laboratory
Max blending volume 400 mL
Optimal blending volume 50-300 mL
Type of bag Non-filter blender bag
Bag composition Multilayer: reinforced multicoated complex
Bag dimensions 190 x 300 mm
Gamma ray treated 5 to 12 KGy
Average shelf-life 25 years
Resistant to freezing and high temperatures -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
In compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 6887 and FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual)
Approved for food contact Regulation (EC) N° 1935/2004
Storage conditions In a temperate and dry place, away from humidity and light
Box dimensions 35 x 21 x 11 mm
Gross weight 5 kg
Pack of 25
Box of 500