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BagPage 400 F - Box of 500 (packs of 25)

BagPage 400 F - Box of 500 (packs of 25)

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Full-page filter bag

For PCR, flow cytometry

Ref 122 325 (400 mL)

BagPage F is a full-page microperforated-filter blender bag. Filtration is instant with no risk of cross-contamination. BagPage F, with its low porosity filter, is ideal for PCR analyses and flow cytometry.

  • Filter porosity: 63 microns
  • Compatible with any laboratory blender
  • Multilayer: reinforced multicoated complex
  • Rigid and transparent

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Product Description

Unique bag for a full analysis

With BagPage, use the same bag to sample, blend, filter and pipet. This will prevent cross-contaminations and save time.

Prélever échantillon
1. Insert the sample

Diluer échantillon
2. Dilute the sample

Homogeneiser échantillon
3. Blend the sample

BagPage + - Pipet the filtrate
4. Pipet the filtrate


Low porosity filter

BagPage F is equipped with a full-page low porosity calibrated filter. The porosity of the filter is 63 microns. BagPage F is ideal for PCR, flow cytometry analyses.

BagPage F - Low porosity filter



BagPage is a filter bag that simplifies the pipetting of the filtrate. Pipetting is debris-free thanks to the integrated microperforated filter. A special weld indicates where to pipet.

BagPage - Handy


Instant filtration

Filtration is done during blending. There is no need to wait for sedimentation of the debris to pipet.

The filtrate is particle-free, so there is no debris on the Petri dish. Reading is thus facilitated and the results more precise.

Instant filtration

Instant filtration - No blocked pipet

No blocked pipet from particles

Instant filtration - Debris free

Debris free


No cross-contaminations

There is no contact between the sample and the mixer during homogenization. This avoids cross-contamination.

The bag can be closed with a BagClip or welded. It is processed by gamma ray.

Blender - risks of contaminations
BagFilter P - Lab blender



BagPage F is useful according to protocols in microbiological analyses in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environmental and public research institutes. BagPage F is suitable for analyzes such as flow cytometry and PCR.

Application - FoodApplication - PharmaceuticalApplication - Cosmetics

                  Application - EnvironmentalApplication - Public research



Reference 122 325
Ideal For flow cytometry, PCR
Max blending volume 400 mL
Optimal blending volume 50-300 mL
Type of bag Bag with full-page filter
Bag composition Multilayer : reinforced multicoated complex
Type of filter Microperforated
Filter porosity 63 microns
Bag dimensions 190 x 300 mm
Gamma ray treated 5 to 12 KGy
Average shelf-life 25 years
Resistant to freezing and high temperatures -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
In compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 6887 and FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual)
Approved for food contact Regulation (EC) N° 1935/2004
Storage conditions In a temperate and dry place, away from humidity and light
Box dimensions 34 x 22 x 26 cm
Gross weight 6 kg
Pack of 25
Box of 500