Beta-galactosidase Enzyme Acceptor (1 mg)

Beta-galactosidase Enzyme Acceptor (1 mg)

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Beta-galactosidase Enzyme Acceptor (also known as Omega Domain) is the larger fragment of the Beta-galactosidase enzyme. This fragment can associate with the smaller fragment of the Beta-galactosidase enzyme (Alpha peptide, enzyme donor) and reconstitute an active Beta-galactosidase enzyme.


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Catalog # P2010005
Size 1.0 mg
Other Names Beta-galactosidase Omega Domain
Supplied as White lyophilized powder.
Molecular Weight 113 kDa (997 amino residues)
Purity >95% (SDS PAGE)
Storage -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Suggested buffer Beta-galactosidase Enzyme Acceptor Stabilization Buffer (B2010002)
Keywords Beta-galactosidase Omega Domain, Enzyme Acceptor, alpha complementation, LacZ.
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