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Chicken Anti-Biotin Ligase/BirA Polyclonal Antibody IgY 100μg (Polyclonal)

Chicken Anti-Biotin Ligase/BirA Polyclonal Antibody IgY 100μg (Polyclonal)

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Form: Purified Immune IgY from chicken eggs

Immunogen: Recombinant BioID, E. coli BirA R118G, MW 37 kDa

Specificity: Reacts with native E. coli biotin ligase/BirA and the BirA R118G mutant used in BioID studies

Origin: Chicken

Buffer/Composition: 0.01% sodium azide, glycerol (50% v/v), PBS (50% v/v)

Volume: 100 microliters (μl)

Concentration: 10 mg/ml


  • Short Term: 4°C
  • Long Term (>6 months to 1 year): -20°C (avoid repeated freeze/thaw)

Working Dilutions:

  • Western Blot: 1:40,000
  • Immunofluorescence: 1:5,000 



Shipping: Ice packs



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