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CycloScreen: Cyclodextrins Kit for Screening - 1 kit (5 x 2 mL)

CycloScreen: Cyclodextrins Kit for Screening - 1 kit (5 x 2 mL)

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A kit containing an extremely pure collection of 5 of the most biochemically useful cyclodextrins:

  • α-cyclodextrin
  • 2-hydroxypropyl)-α-cyclodextrin
  • methyl-β-cyclodextrin
  • (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrin
  • (2-hydroxypropyl)-γ-cyclodextrin


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Catalog number: K1010005
Lot number: 0120K0005
Expiration date: 1/24/24
Package Content 5 x 2 mL
  • α-cyclodextrin (5%, 2 mL)
  • (2-hydroxypropyl)-α-cyclodextrin (10%, 2 mL)
  • methyl-β-cyclodextrin (10%, 2 mL)
  • (2-hydroxyprop yl)-β-cyclodextrin (10%, 2 mL)
  • (2-hydroxypropyl)-γ-cyclodextrin (10%, 2 mL)
Supplied as: CycloScreen: Cyclodextrins Kit
Keywords: α-cyclodextrin, (2-hydroxypropyl)-α-cyclodextrin, methyl-β-cyclodextrin, (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrins, (2-hydroxypropyl)-γ–cyclodextrins
Storage: 2-8°C (short term), -20°C (long term). Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.



CycloScreen’s cyclodextrins have been proven to be effective in several applications that include:

  • protein refolding and stabilization
  • small chemicals and reagents stabilization
  • quenching of certain detergents
  • extension of reagent shelf-life
  • specific binding of interfering substances
  • transport of chemical compounds

With all three types of cyclodextrins included (α, β and γ as ranked by increasing molecular diameter), the kit offers the option to quickly screen for the most suitable cyclodextrin to a given application. Provided as highly concentrated solutions (5% and 10%), these cyclodextrins can be easily diluted to working concentrations. Working concentrations depend on the application, but typically range from 0.01% to 0.5%. Individual cyclodextrin solutions are available individually and in custom bulk amounts.



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