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DiluFlow Elite - Gravimetric Dilutor - 1kg

DiluFlow Elite - Gravimetric Dilutor - 1kg

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Gravimetric dilutor 1 kg

Designed for pharmaceutics and cosmetics

Ref. 503 101 (single pump)
Ref. 503 201 (double pump)

The DiluFlow Elite automatically dilutes a solid sample in seconds, with the appropriate weight of diluent, up to a total weight of 1000 g. It offers the best solution to prepare your samples in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as animal health. Its full traceability enables the recording of all operations.

  • 225 mL in 8 seconds
  • Dilution factor: 2 to 1000, customizable fractions
  • Dilution accuracy: > 99%*
  • Max weight: 1000 g
  • Max number of pumps: 2 integrated + 4 external


DiluFlow - Cosmétique et pharmaceutique

For pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

The DiluFlow Elite 1 kg is adapted to small volumes, as required in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Its flexibility enables the preparation of the samples in tubes, pots...


High accuracy

The DiluFlow Elite 1 kg allows an accurate dilution of all sample types from 1 to 20 g (at 1/10th) with an accuracy of > 99%.

DiluFlow - Keyboard


DiluFlow - Connectivity and traceability

Connectivity and full traceability

The DiluFlow Elite is programmable through its 24 customizable programs. Traceability is ensured by a bidirectional LIMS ethernet connection. DiluFlow Elite exports the analyses data to printer, USB key, ExcelTM, Open OfficeTM, CSV and LIMS..


DiluFlow - Robotic arm

Robotic arm and protective plate

The robotic arm enables you to place the sample safely in the bag without risk of cross contamination. Tested for over 1.3 million cycles, its reliability is guaranteed. The protective plate protects the beaker from contact with the sample.


DiluFlow Hotte EN
Ultra-low profile

Widest possible opening for the bag and lowest loading threshold on the market! With redesigned ergonomics, the ultra-low profile allows optimal comfort of use, especially under a laminar flow hood.

DiluFlow - Removable recovery boxRemovable drip tray

In case of splashing, the drain tray is removable for rinsing and avoids tedious cleaning.

DiluFlow - GeckoGrip system

GeckoGrip holding system

This patented system replaces adhesive putty and keeps the analysis bag glue-free, even on a wet surface.



LightCode is a bright and intuitive indicator of the status of dilution. It allows you to check the accuracy at a glance.

DiluFlow green Lightcode

Accuracy > 98%

DiluFlow orange Lightcode

Accuracy > 95%

DiluFlow red Lightcode

Accuracy < 95%

DiluFlow blue Lightcode

Scale stabilizing


DiluFlow - auto tare mode
Autotare Function

FlexiPump - Handy Gun

Multi-distribution mode

DiluFlow - BagOpen magnetized
Magnetic BagOpen

DiluFlow - diluents
Up to 6 diluents




DiluFlow Elite 1 kg is used for the preparation of samples from 1g to 20g diluted at 1/10th. It enables you to prepare tubes, or pots for samples to analyse. For example: active ingredients, cream, make-up...

Application - PharmaceuticalApplication - CosmeticsApplications - VeterinaryApplication - Public research



DiluFlow Elite 1 kg (single pump) DiluFlow Elite 1 kg (double pump)
Reference 503 101 503 201
BagOpen height < 30 cm Y Y
Removable drip tray (patented) Y Y
BagOpen with GeckoGrip system (patented) Y Y
Magnetic stand for BagOpen (patented shape) Y Y
LightCode: color status LED Y Y
Compatible with booster kit Y Y
304L stainless steel body Y Y
Stainless casting electromechanical core Y Y
Robotic arm Y Y
Protection for tubing nozzle Y Y
Up to 6 pumps Y Y
Multi-dispensing mode (patented) Y Y
Powder mode Y Y
24 editable programs Y Y
Bidirectional connectivity Y Y
Auto-tare function Y Y
Weighing mode Y Y
1 g dilution to 1/10 Y Y
Resolution up to 200 g 0.01 g
Weighing range 0.1 to 1000 g
Max weight without support 1500 g
Weighing accuracy 0 g to 20 g : ± 0.01 g / 20 g to 1000 g : ± 0.1%
Mini weight for dilution 0.5 g (with a dilution factor of 10)
Mini weight for distribution 5 g
Dilution factor 2 to 1000, customizable fractions
Dilution/distribution accuracy > 99% (with booster kit in Standard or Accurate mode)
Dilution time for a 25g sample diluted to 1/10 < 8 s (with booster kit in Fast mode)
Distribution time for 90 mL < 6 s (with booster kit in Fast mode)
Distribution time for 225 mL < 9 s (with booster kit in Fast mode)
Max number of pumps 2 integrated + 4 external
Dilution/distribution mode Fast / Standard / Accurate
Traceability Printer / Export to ExcelTM file / CSV file Export on USB key / LIMS
Exported data Sample weight / Total weight / Dilution factor / Dilution accuracy / Diluent / Sample number / Diluent lot number / Date / Time / Last calibration date / Name of operator / Name of program
Connection 2 USB ports (type A) to connect a printer, keyboard, bar-code reader, USB key / 1 USB port (type B) to connect a printer / Jack socket to connect a foot pedal / Handy gun / Ethernet connection for LIMS
Net weight 12.6 kg 14.8 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 31 x 42 x 38 cm 37 x 42 x 38 cm
Box (w x d x h) 54.5 x 54.5 x 55 cm
Gross weight 18 kg 20.6 kg
Language English, French
Voltage - Frequencies 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Fuses T3, 15A L 250V 5x20 mm
Power 60 W
International protection marking 32
Warranty 1 year
In compliance with ISO 7218 - ISO 6887
Delivered with: 1 drip tray 400, 1 or 2 pumps, 1 protection for distribution nozzle, 1 distribution assembly (GL45 - Ø 3.2 mm) per pump, 1 USB key, 1 USB cable, 1 power cord, 1 BagOpen 400 for dilutor, User's Manual, 1 conformity certificate, 1 warranty card, 10 GeckoGrip, 1 pack of adhesive putty, 1 Allen wrench, blender bags samples