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easySpiral Pro Milk - Automatic Plater

easySpiral Pro Milk - Automatic Plater

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Automatic plater

Ideal for milk payment

Ref 413 090

easySpiral Pro Milk is an automatic Petri dish plater. It allows to plate a sample of 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL to be plated on a single Petri dish, without prior dilution. easySpiral Pro Milk is particularly suitable for dairy industry, in analyzing raw materials and payment for milk.

  • Sample intake in the sample holder
  • Plating modes: exponential, pour, circle
  • Counting range: from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL
  • Duration of a plating cycle: 25 s


Product Description


Milk payment

Quality-based milk payment analysis involves nutritional and bacterial criteria. The results will determine the qualitative and therefore financial value of the milk.

easySpiral Pro Milk bouteille de lait

Direct intake

easySpiral Pro Milk allows for the pipetting of the sample directly from its original container (eg. Test tube, beaker...) before plating. There is no need to transfer your sample to a special container for intake, eliminating any cross contamination risk. easySpiral Pro Milk is ideal for onerous or sensitive samples (eg. Active substances…).

413 090 easySpiral Pro Milk Sampling


The Spiral method

With the Spiral method, increase your analysis capabilities: without intermediate dilutions, perform standardized automatic plating with a counting range from 100 to 1 x 107 CFU/mL on 1 single Petri dish !

easySpiral Dilute - Ensemencement manuel EN

Manual plating method requires repetitive actions: at least 4 dilutions and 4 successive platings are necessary to obtain one good and readable Petri dish.

easySpiral Dilute - Methode automatique EN

With Automatic Spiral method, make your analyses on 1 single Petri dish!


Consumables: savings up to 75%

The exponential plating mode with easySpiral Pro Milk reduces your consumable budget and waste volumes. You will enjoy more space in your lab too!
The easySpiral Pro Milk plater has no specific consumable needs.


One touch plating

Plate easily and quickly your 90 and 150 mm Petri dishes. Choose from 3 plating modes: exponential, constant and circle.

Exponential mode

The exponential mode is a plating in surface with a decreasing surface concentration. Plate 50 µL, 100 µL, 200 µL or program a customizable volume. Obtain a countable Petri dish from 100 to 1 x 107 CFU/mL

Exponential plater mode part 1

Exponential plater mode part 2



Constant mode

The constant mode is a homogenous surface deposition plating. Plate 50 µL, 100 µL, 200 µL or program a customizable volume.
Colony counting is then easy because there are no colonies on the edges of the Petri dish.

Constant plater mode part 1

Constant plater mode part 2


easySpiral Dilute - High accuracy glass syringe

High accuracy glass syringe

Typical accuracy of glass syringe is 0.5 %. Higher accuracy than an ordinary pipette and no more pipet calibration.

easySpiral - Automatic désinfection

Automatic disinfection

Overflow technology cleaning system and stylus disinfection. A light is activated in case of empty disinfecting liquid.


High speed automation

The fast rotating arm adapts itself to all types of agar without risks of ploughing. It makes it possible to obtain a plating in 25 seconds (disinfection + sample intake + plating).

easySpiral - Robotic arm


Traceability ensured with dataLink

All the sample data, from plating (volume, dilution, plating mode ...) to automatic colony counting (lighting settings) are set on the Datamatrix label.

Traceability system with DataLink


easy connection

Easy and secure connections

easySpiral Pro Milk Autonomie

Long autonomy


Programmable volumes via USB



easySpiral platers are used for all types of microbiological analyses in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and public research institutes.

Application - FoodApplication - PharmaceuticalApplication - CosmeticsApplication - Public research



Reference 413 090
Syringe capacity 1000 µL
Autonomy in disinfection (in normal mode) 1000 cycles (2 L bottles)
Autonomy in distilled water (in normal mode) 600 cycles (2 L bottles)
Pressure in the stylus up to 8 bars (Patented)
Traceability Excel™️, LIMS, dataLink
Exponential plating mode (Spiral mode):
Petri dish diameters Ø available:
90 mm and 150 mm
Circle plating mode:
Petri dish diameters Ø available:
90 mm and 150 mm
Constant plating mode:
Petri dish diameters Ø available:
90 mm and 150 mm
Counting range from 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL
Programmable dispensed volume (via USB) from 10 µL to 1000 µL
Preset dispensed volumes 50 µL, 100 µL and 200 µL
Successive plating capacity with the same sample up to 20 Petri dishes (50 µL)
Time for 1 sample intake + 1 disinfection + 1 plating 25 s
Controlled by a microprocessor Y
All stainless steel Y
Disinfection process Y
Filling time and volume programmable via USB Y
Sampling from tubes (dim.: 80x35 mm) Y
Dimensions (w x d x h) 40 x 41.5 x 29 cm
Weight 16.4 kg
Box (w x d x h) 60 x 50 x 55 cm
Gross weight 24.6 kg
Voltage - Frequencies 100-240 V∼ 50-60 Hz
Fuses T1.6A L 250V 5x20 mm
Power 45 W
International protection marking 10
Warranty 1 year
In compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 4833-2, FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual) and AOAC 977.27
Delivered with: 1 turntable for Ø 90 mm Petri dishes (by default on the unit), 1 blue dye for testing (Ref 415 530), 1 syringe with silicone tubing, 1 plating ring for Ø 150 mm Petri dishes, 1 Spiral counting grid for Ø 90 mm Petri dishes, 1 container stand for testing, 1 set of 2 filters, 1 software, 1 USB A/B cable, 1 Spiral counting grid for Ø 150 mm Petri dishes, 1 EnzyClear liquid detergent, 4 connection kit for GL45 bottle, 1 double connection kit for GL45 bottle, 1 stylus, 1 power cable, 1 user’s manual, 1 EnzyClear quick user guide