FastGene 1 kb DNA Marker Sample (25µl)

FastGene 1 kb DNA Marker Sample (25µl)

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1 kb DNA Ladder Plus

Catalogue Number: MWD1Ps



  • Sharp an well defined DNA bands
  • Crystal clear DNA bands
  • For plasmids and PCR fragments (>250 bp)
  • 100 bp to 10 000 bp
  • Two highlighted bands for orientation


For each application the right ladder

The FastGene® DNA ladders were developed for different applications: The MWD50 was designed for the most accurate discrimination of small PCR products, with 50 bp steps up to 500 bp. The MWD100 is the perfect ladder for everyday use. The ladder with 12 fragments starts at 100 bp, therefore being suitable even for small qPCR products, and goes up to 3000 bp so that the sizes of small plasmids and big PCR products can be determined. For very large products and plasmids, Nippon Genetics Europe offers the MWD1P. The ladder starts at 100 bp and goes up to 10,000 bp.

Stable even at room temperature

All of our DNA ladders (besides the 50 bp ladder) are extremly stable. the stability tests show that the ladders are stable for at least 12 months at 25°C. for long term storage, store at 4°C to -20°C.

Dyes for easy tracking

All our ladders have tracking dyes and loading dyes included, so that the movement of the DNA can be tracked and the optimal stopping point be determined.


Cat. No. MWD50 MWD100 MWD1P
Characterization 50 bp DNA ladder 100 bp DNA ladder 1 kb DNA ladder
Area / bp 50 - 1500 100 - 3000 100 - 10000
Number of bands 17 12 13
Reference bands 3 (200, 500, 1200) 2 (500 & 1500) 2 (1000 & 3000)
Loading Dye Orange G Orange G & Xylencyanol FF Bromophenol blue
Volume 56 µg in 500 µl 50 µg in 500 µl 50 µg in 500 µl
Recommended amount 5 µl 5 µl 5 µl
Storage 12 months at 4 ° C
Long-term storage at -20 ° C
12 months at room temperature
Long-term storage at -20 ° C
12 months at room temperature
Long-term storage at -20 ° C



Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet



Does MWD1 contain some surfactants or SDS?

There are no SDS or surfactants in MWD1.

Does this marker contain Formaldehyde or Formamide?