FastGene Adhesive PCR Foil 135 x 80mm (100)

FastGene Adhesive PCR Foil 135 x 80mm (100)

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100 adhesive PCR seals suitable for real time PCR and standard PCR

Catalogue Number: FG-93AC


FastGene® PCR adhesive seal

  • 135 x 80 mm self adhesive seal
  • Suitable for Real-time and conventional PCR applications
  • Peelable without adhesive residues
  • Applicable for temperatures from -80 °C to + 110 °C
  • DNase, RNase and gDNA free
  • Pull-off edge for an easy removal
  • DMSO resistent
  • Suitable for PE, PS and PP plates


Technical Note 2019_EU1
Tightness of FastGene adhesive seal (FG-93AC) in a PCR thermocycler

Technical Note 2016_01
Evaluation by real-time PCR of FastGene PCR adhesive seal (FG-93AC)