FastGene Blue/Green GelPic LED Box
FastGene Blue/Green GelPic LED Box

FastGene Blue/Green GelPic LED Box

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FastGene® Blue/Green LED GelPic Box: LED Imaging box with a high resolution CMOS camera (9 Mpixel), USB 2.0, gel tray, amber shield, software and manual

Catalogue Number: GP-04LED


The most compact gel documentation system in the world with the best LED technology

Get great signal with red or green DNA dyes

The new LED technology enables the detection of DNA from red as well as green DNA dyes. Below are images taken with the FastGene® Blue/Green LED GelPic Box. For comparison reasons, the 1.5% agarose gels made with TAE Buffer were stained with Ethidium Bromide or with Midori Green Advance recommended concentrations and loaded with 5 µl DNA Ladder. Additionally, the 5 µl DNA ladder was stained using Midori Green Direct and added to an unstained gel:

Ethidium bromide


Image Capture

Sensor Color CMOS Sensor
Resolution 9M Pixel
Exposure Time up to 1.6 sec (11 scales)
Image Types JPEG, BMP, TIFF
Image Storage USB 2.0
View Area 16 x 10.5 cm (Fixed lens)

Lens and Filter

Filter Wheel Manual-Driven, 2 position
Emission Filter 520 nm Amber Filter


Blue/Green Light 515 nm Blue/Green LED Light
Epi White Light LED White Light
White Back Light LED White Light Panel


Display Panel Build-in 2.7“ TFT LCD
Image Storage USB 2.0
Output USB 2.0 (thermal printer Mitsubishi P95E)
Display out (VGA)

General Info

Power AC Adaptor, 12V/4.16 A, 18 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 230 x 230 x 210 mm
Gel Tools Sample tray, Amber shield
Weight 3.5 kg
Certification CE, FCC


User Manual

Nippon Genetics Imaging Brochure

Application NoteConnection of the FastGene® Blue/Green GelPic LED Box (GP-04LED) to a computer


On a sticker of the B/G GelPic Box it is said to remove the USB-Stick prior to turning on. Is this necessary just at turning on or every time you wake up the machine.

The booting sequence recognize the USB-stick while loading the system. Depending on how it recognizes the USB stick it could come to a freezing of the booting process. To avoid this, we recommend to remove any usb stick of the unit until it is booted. Afterwards the recognition should not fail. It is not a corruption of the USB port but a safe method to avoid the process I described above.

It is necessary every time you boot the system not when you wake it up from sleeping mode.


Can the system be connected to the computer directly?

No, GP-04LED works with an USB stick. But you can connect an PC via an USB-Switch. There is an Technical Note available.


Can the system be connected to a printer?

Yes, to the P95DE.


What are the requirements for the monitor to be associated with a BG LED GelPic Box via the VGA plug?

The native resolution of the box is 800*600 4:3 ratio. The size of the monitor is not relevant. We recommend the following monitor: