FastGene FAS-Nano Geldoc System
FastGene FAS-Nano Geldoc System
FastGene FAS-Nano Geldoc System

FastGene FAS-Nano Geldoc System

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World’s smallest gel documentation system

Catalogue Number: GP-06LED


The FastGene® FAS-Nano is the smallest gel documentation system. It has unique features such as the Blue/Green LED technology, enabling the detection of red dyes, such as Ethidium Bromide and of our next generation green dyes Midori Green.The excitation of the dyes is done using light in the visible range. this has as an advantage that no damage to the DNA or the user is seen.

New LED Technology

Figure 1 – The absorbance spectrum of Ethidium Bromide (red), Midori Green Advance (green) and Midori Green Direct (light green)

Your smart device, now even smarter

Combine your smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, with the FastGene® FAS-Nano and turn the illuminator to a gel documentation system. The recording of the gel image is there as easy as taking a picture. Weighing only 1.2 kg, the FastGene® FAS-Nano has a very compact footprint. Hence you can take your FastGene® FAS-Nano everywhere.

FAS Nano

The perfect solution for small gels

The size of the FastGene® FAS-Nano is optimal for small and mini gels. The FastGene® FAS-Nano is perfect for the excision of DNA bands or for the gel documentation.

Access your gel and cut your DNA Bands easily thanks to the separable components

Very easy excision of DNA bands

Images taken with the FastGene® FAS-Nano System

images of gels with the FAS-Nano


 Size (L x B x H) 216 x 168 x 128 mm
Weight 1.2kg
Illuminator 480 – 530 nm
Optical Filter FAS-Nano Amber Filtershield
Power Supply Blue/Green Transilluminator
  • input:100-240V, 50-60Hz (24V, 1A)
  • output: 12V, 1.25A



FAS-Nano Manual