FastGene Plasmid Mini Kit Sample (4)

FastGene Plasmid Mini Kit Sample (4)

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FastGene Plasmid Mini Kit Sample (4)

Catalogue Number: FG-94302


FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kits are designed for rapid small scale isolation and purification of high copy and low copy plasmid DNA. The ready-to-use plasmid DNA is of high quality in low-salt Tris buffer and suitable for typical downstream applications: Cloning, sequencing, PCR, transformation and restriction analysis.


Parameter High-copy Plasmid Low-copy Plasmid
Max. sample volume 1-5 ml ON-culture 5-10 ml ON-culture
Typical yield < 25 µg < 25 µg
Elution volume 50 µl 50 µl
Binding capacity 40 µg 40 µg
Size of vector < 15 kb < 15 kb
Prep time 26 min / 12 preps 26 min / 12 preps
Format Spin column

Spin column



High yield – High purity – Fast preparation

The gel demonstrates that FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kits yield equal amount of plasmid DNA compared to other supplier with even more time consuming protocols. The preparation with the FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kit was performed by using the Fast Protocol.

plasmid DNA - mini prep

Fig. 1: pBluescript plasmid DNA was isolated from a 1,4 ml E.coli culture (DH5α in LB medium) according to the recommended
procedures of different kits and eluted in 50 µl elution buffer. 2 µl of each eluate were loaded on a 0,7% TAE agarose gel.

sequencing result for FastGene plasmid miniprep

Fig.2: Typical fluorescent capillary sequencing result from pBluescript plasmid DNA purified using the FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kit. Cycle sequencing reaction was performed on an ABI3100 sequenzer. 1 µl of purified plasmid DNA was used as a template. Dye terminators were removed by FastGene® Dye Terminator Removal Kit



Application Note - Purification of plasmids using FastGene® Plasmid Mini Kit

Application Note - Sample preparation for in situ hybridization of targeted tissue specific genes in medeka fish