FastGene Probe qPCR One Step Mix - Hi Rox (100)

FastGene Probe qPCR One Step Mix - Hi Rox (100)

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FastGene® Probe One Step Mix Hi-Rox for qPCR

Catalogue Number: LS4701HR



FastGene® Probe One Step mixes allow the performance of reverse transcription (RT) and qPCR in one reaction well. The big advantage is the direct amplification of RNA samples in the real time PCR instrument, what reduces the number of required sample manipulations and consequently operation time. The mixes are ready-to-use with all necessary reagents required for the combined qPCR reaction and cDNA synthesis. FastGene® Probe One Step mixes are designed for use with probes, including TaqMan®, Scorpions® and molecular beacon probes.

  • Quantification of any RNA templates (e.g. mRNA, total RNA, viral RNA)
  • Detection of pathogens
  • High efficient detection of low copy number targets
  • High-throughput gene expression screening

Efficient and robust performance

In order to guarantee a great result for the combined reaction of cDNA synthesis and qPCR, the reverse transcriptase as well as the buffer chemistry were optimized according to the latest stand of knowledge. The modified transcriptase is characterized by a high efficiency and a thermal stability at temperatures from 45° – 55° C . An RNase inhibitor avoids DNA degradation by RNase. The hot start technology of the Taq DNA polymerase leads to high specific PCR reactions.

Robust chemistry for faster results

The FastGene® Probe buffers were designed to have a superior robustness. This guarantees the linearity of the qPCR and creates a better accuracy, essential for reproducible results. Additionally, qPCRs can be performed at lower amplification times for example using fast protocols