FastGene RNA Viral Kit (50)

FastGene RNA Viral Kit (50)

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FastGene® RNA Viral Kit for 50 purifications

Catalogue Number: FG-82050

  • Suitable for SARS-CoV-2 Purification
  • Quick Procedure
  • Easy Protocol
  • Consistent performance

Purification of viral RNA

The FastGene® RNA Virus kits is a silica-membrane based RNA purification method optimized for viral RNA. The procedure was designed to be straight forward and easy to perform. The performance of the purification is outstanding and comparable to the performance of the purification of the major competitors Q and M.

Virus RNA of the highest quality

The FastGene® RNA Virus kits deliver RNA of the highest grade. The quality of RNA is measured by determining a RIN (RNA integrity number). According to the manufacturer‘s instructions, a RIN gives an idea of the integrity of the RNA. High quality RNA will give a RIN above 8, being 10 the maximal value. The FastGene® RNA Virus kits purify RNA to a grade comparable to market leaders. The RNA is therefore in an ideal state for downstream applications, such as reverse transcription and qPCR.

Sample Types

  • Cell-free fluid
  • Plasma and serum
  • Urine
  • Virus infected samples
  • Cell culture supernatant

Compatible to COVID Diagnostic Kits

The FastGene® RNA Virus kits purifies RNA to quality that it can be used with commercially available virus detection diagnostic kits.

Very quick procedure

The FastGene® RNA Virus kits has a very easy to perform and quick to deliver protocol. For a complete protocol download the Manual or Protocol.

Specification FastGene RNA Virus
Type Spin column
Maximum amount of starting samples 300 µl / prep
Preparation time 20 minutes
Maximum loading volume 800 µl
Minimum elution volume 30 µl
Handling Centrifugation
Storage temperature Room temp.