FastGene Taq DNA Polymerase (500U)

FastGene Taq DNA Polymerase (500U)

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FastGene® DNA Polymerase is based on the single-subunit, wild-type Taq DNA polymerase of the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus. The enzyme is purified using three different chromatography technologies and result in a very high purity and very high activity. 5 U/uL FastGene® DNA Polymerase contain 150 ng/uL (+/- 10%) protein of >98 % purity.

PCR products generated with FastGene® DNA Polymerase are A-tailed and therefore compatible with TA cloning systems.

Two different reaction buffers

The enzyme comes with 2 different reaction buffers. Buffer A is a “high yield” buffer; for most amplicons, when you compare Buffer B and Buffer A, Buffer A will give higher yield.

Buffer B is a standard KCl-based Taq buffer which we supply in case a customer wants to change only the enzyme, and keep the buffer the same. Furthermore we have seen a higher sensitivity by using Buffer B in some PCR assays. This is just a guideline, for some applications the reverse will be true, but generally, this is the trend that we’ve seen.

The standard package size is 500 units and 2000 units – samples for testing are available (100 units). Shelf life is at least 12 months. The kit should be stored at -20 °C. Shipping or short-term storage (up to 3 days) can be done at room temperature. The kit includes the enzyme, two different reaction buffers (buffer A and B) as well as a separate tube of Magnesium chloride, if the concentration of this salt needs to be higher than 1.5 mM.

Taq polymerase

Fig.:1 Reactions (25 µl) were set up according to manufacturer’s instructions, amplified fragment is 815 bp. Numbers of cycles were reduced to 25 cycles in order to challenge the PCR enzymes. A volume of 10 µl was loaded onto an 1% agarose gel.



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