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genesig Easy pathogen kit for demonstration

genesig Easy pathogen kit for demonstration

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genesig Easy kit for demonstration purposes.


Product features:

  • Simple demonstration kit
  • Ideal for demos and training
  • Identical protocol to other genesig Easy kits
  • Includes 4 "samples" to show the q16 in action


For demonstration or training purposes, the genesig Easy demo kit provides a simple, slick demonstration of genesig q16.  The kit includes 4 DNA samples that mimic "real world samples". Upon analysis, three of the samples yield positive identification of the demo target (at low, medium and high concentrations).  The fourth will mimic a negative signal.

The protocol is identical to all other genesig Easy kits, thus demonstrating how incredibly simple the kits and instrument are to use.


Catalogue Number:  Z-Path-demo-EASY