Heating Block for 15 ml Tubes

Heating Block for 15 ml Tubes

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Heating block for 15 ml tubes for the FastGene® Mini Dry Bath. Diameter 17.3 mm 70 mm deep. Block dimensions: 71 x 47 x 32 mm

Catalogue Number: NG027


This mini dry bath shows a very compact design but it is powerful enough to fit all incubating needs. Using the different block designs you can use PCR strips and/or single tubes from small PCR tubes like 0.2 ml up to 50 ml culture tubes. Alternatively the molded PTFE coated chamber allows you to use it as a water bath. The interchangeable ability of the heating block brings you the convenience of a traditional dry bath.


  • Compact size, very convenient to carry
  • User temperature calibration
  • Single molded chamber, no cracks or welds
  • PTFE coated chamber resists stains
  • Can be used as a mini water bath or bead bath
  • High heating rate
  • Different sizes of heating block available for selection
  • Clear cover to ensure temperature uniformity
  • Optional car adapter provides portability on the road