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Mouse Anti-Core JFH-1 Monoclonal Clone 100μg (Monoclonal)

Mouse Anti-Core JFH-1 Monoclonal Clone 100μg (Monoclonal)

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Clone: 3D11

Volume: 100μl (1 μg/μl)

Specificity: Recognizes JFH-1 Core protein (genotype 2a)

Cross-reactivity: Cross-reactive with genotype 1a

Form: Protein G-purified

Origin: Mouse

Buffer/Composition: 1X PBS pH 7.2; 0.1% sodium azide (NaN3)


  • Short Term 4°C
  • Long Term (up to 1 year): -20°C (avoid repeated freeze/thaw)

Applications: Western, IF, and ELISA

Working Dilutions: 

  • Western Blot:   1:1000-1:5000
  • IF:   1:500
  • ELISA:   1:1000-1:5,000

*Note: PVDF membrane must be used for successful immunoblotting with this antibody

Cell lysate run on 15% SDS-PAGE and transferred to PVDF. Primary antibody incubation performed for 1-hour at room temperature (overnight incubations also suitable at 4°C).