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Murine Home Cage Analyser
Murine Home Cage Analyser

Murine Home Cage Analyser

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 Winner of the 2011 NC3Rs CRACKIT conference for the development of an innovative home cage analysis system that provides 24/7 monitoring of rodent behaviours in a group-housed environment that is beneficial from both data and welfare perspectives.


24x7 Recording & Analysis
Accurate information is difficult to obtain and verify if you rely on physical observation. Our data is recorded round the clock so you can be sure every behaviour is being captured. 

Social Grouping
Rodents are social creatures: being housed alone causes restlessness and anxiety. Without the issue of social isolation or discomfort in a new environment, a far more accurate baseline of “normal” behaviour can be established.
In the real home cage
Rodents in research labs live in small social groups where they thrive and grow. Inside their home cages the animals eat, drink, sleep, interact and behave; yet this data is largely ignored due to technical challenges. Monitoring rodents consistently for weeks or even months facilitates the refinement of disease models. Uses in:
  • Detecting and assessing safety/toxicological effects of candidate drugs
  • Behavioural phenotyping of genetically altered animals
  • Drug efficacy studies
  • Studies of circadian rhythms
  • Studies of social interactions
  • And More
Catalogue Number: ACTUALHCA