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Petaka G3 LOT (Low Oxygen Transfer) - Anchorage Dependent Cell Cultures
Petaka G3 LOT (Low Oxygen Transfer) - Anchorage Dependent Cell Cultures
Petaka G3 LOT (Low Oxygen Transfer) - Anchorage Dependent Cell Cultures

Petaka G3 LOT (Low Oxygen Transfer) - Anchorage Dependent Cell Cultures

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Distinctive: Blue port


Petaka®G3 LOT cell culture bioreactors for Anchorage Dependent Cells (attached living cells) for physiological cell culture and live cell shipment without cryopreservation.

Self regulated, self contained cell culture bioreactors that control oxygen, CO2, pH and evaporation, without glove boxes, tri-gas incubators or gas canisters.

Petaka®G3 LOT maintains media environment stable at ambient temperature and the cells alive for long periods of time.

Ideal for physiologic cell culture and shipment of adherent cells without cryopreservation.

Box Sterile (SAL 10-6)


The cell culture device PetakaG3 is an innovative bioreactor designed for mammalian anchorage dependent cell culture in Oxygen physiologic tissue conditions. The distinctive feature of PetakaG3 is that being a disposable device incorporates an automatic gas diffusion control system (AGD-CS) that works interactively with the cells growing and living inside, WITHOUT HYPOXIA CAMBERS, GLOVE BOXES OR THREE-GAS INCUBATORS

For cells cultured in PetakaG3 and incubated in regular 21% oxygen atmosphere the AGD-CS provides:

  • 1) Media dissolved oxygen concentration within the limits of the physiologic oxygen tensions in physiologic tissues (from 75 mmHg down to 15 mmHg) monitorable with a dissolved oxygen fluorescent sensor dot. Because this advanced trait PetakaG3 is the safest, smallest, unique portable disposable hypoxia chamber, also available with integrated DO sensor.
  • Average DO = 1 mg/L (0.5 to 1.1 mg/L depending on cell type), equivalent to average 22.7 mmHg (Torr) in tissues or equivalent to average 3.11% O2 in hypoxia chambers.
  • Media dissolved CO2 concentration, enough to maintain a physiologic pH without external extra-supply of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Controlled media evaporation even at 2% to 10% atmospheric Relative Humidity (RH). PetakaG3 allows cultures of two different cell types in the same device. Both cell layers are separated by 3mm of media, which is appropriate to study intercellular interactions through diffusible factors and exosome exchange. PetakaG3 is ideal for transfection of both cell layers with two different gene constructs in the same device with negligible cross transfection.

Global specifications of PetakaG3 LOT:

  1. It acts as an independent hypoxia chamber between 1% and 21% Oxygen. Medium Dissolved Oxygen auto-controlled (O2PP  between 2 and 50 mmHg)
  2. No additional CO2 required for any type of media, although the PetakaG3™device can also be used in CO2 incubators
  3. Humidity auto-controlled, no added humidity required (not influenced by environment)
  4. The most secure cell culture device against contamination (no caps, no openings)
  5. Designed to transport live cells without requiring freezing and dry ice
  6. Optimizes media and growth factor supplies
  7. Can provide up to 15 times more cell culture surface area per incubator capacity
  8. Both surfaces may be viewed using any type of light microscope
  9. In vitro cell pause or dormancy is easily accomplished
  10. Allows storage of pre-filled units that are ready to host cells
  11. Easy to handle. It operates in any position. Completely safe & versatile
  12. Each Petaka is individually bar coded for easy tracking.