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Rheumatoid Factor Antibody (100 mg)
Rheumatoid Factor Antibody (100 mg)

Rheumatoid Factor Antibody (100 mg)

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Rheumatoid Factor (RF) interference is a major issue when testing the performance of immunoassays. RF and other autoimmune antibodies present in the serum of Rheumatoid Arthritis patients can, presumably, bridge capture and detection antibodies in a non-specific fashion. This phenomenon leads to the generation of non-specific immunoassay signals and the recovery of higher than expected results as well as false positives. Molecular Depot’s proprietary reagent RF Interference Blocker is a Rheumatoid Factor interference suppressor consisting of a proprietary, highly concentrated, blend of anti-RF antibodies. RF Interference Blocker can be simply spiked into immunoassay reagents to a target concentration of 100-500 ug/mL. Optimal RF Interference Blocker concentration need to be established in an assay-dependent fashion.


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Catalog # A2010009
Size 100 mg
Other Names RF Blocker
Content Proprietary blend of anti-RF antibodies
Concentration 40 mg/mL
Purity Affinity purified
Storage 2-8°C (short term). -20°C (long term). Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.
Supplied as Liquid solution
Buffer Saline
Keywords Rheumatoid Factor, Interference



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