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ScanStation 200 - Real-time Incubator and Colony Counter

ScanStation 200 - Real-time Incubator and Colony Counter

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Real-time incubator and colony counter

200 Petri dishes

Ref. 439 200

ScanStation 200 is a unit centralizing incubation, detection and counting of Petri dishes. Colonies are detected & counted as soon as they appear. Follow the growth curve of the colonies. ScanStation 200 can accomodate up to 200 Petri dishes.

  • Capacity: up to 200 Petri dishes
  • Counting on pour plate, surface, Spiral, filtration membranes
  • Petri dish sizes: Ø 55 to 65 mm, Ø 90 mm
  • Accuracy of incubation temperature: ± 1°C
  • Reading time in between each dish: 30 min or 1 h


E.g.: Coliforms on VRBL agar incubated at 37°C

Real-time bacterial growth

From the beginning of the incubation, the 200 Petri dishes are photographed every 30 min / 1 hour. Colonies are detected and counted as soon as they appear. Discover their bacterial growth hour by hour and get anticipated results.

ScanStation - Bacterial growth in real-time


A revolutionary concept

Colony counting is done automatically during incubation.
You get a video of the bacterial growth in real time.

ScanStation - Inside - Incubateur
An incubator of 200 Petri dishes

ScanStation 200 is composed of a rotating storage carousel with a 100 Petri dishes capacity.

The 200 Petri dishes are processed simultaneously in this thermoregulated incubator with Peltier module ± 1°C.


ScanStation - Inside - Bras robotisé
A robotic arm transfers the Petri dishes for a time-lapse photography

The robotic arm transfers the Petri dishes from the carousel to the camera to perform a time-lapse photography.

ScanStation is equipped with a pressure-sensitive gripper which adapts itself to all Petri dishes.


ScanStation - Inside - Compteur
The automatic colony counter detects and counts colonies as soon as they appear

The 5 megapixel ultra-HD camera detects colonies as soon as they appear before clustering or covering can occur, while dissociating the artefacts.

So that you get more accurate and faster results. You can see the video of bacterial growth during and after incubation.


High performance results 

ScanStation - 3x sooner
Sooner: Results in 8 h instead of 24 h

ScanStation - faster


Up to 200 Petri dishes counted together 

<multi>[fr]ScanStation - + précis[en]ScanStation - +precise<multi>


Elimination of artefacts 

ScanStation - Identical


Keep your agar & method



The data are archived and accessible throughout incubation till the final validation of the results.

Traçabilité export donnés - Connexion SIL/LIMS EN   Picto MP4   Traceability export data - PDF   Traceability export data - JPG    Traceability export data - CSV


Data integrity

ScanStation saves images and videos of bacterial growth from the start till the end of the incubation. You can recover the data beyond the incubation date.

The bacterial growth video helps validate the results by showing the distinction between a particle and a bacterium, avoiding false positives. Images taken at regular intervals enable to visualize the beginning of the growth of micro-organisms such as molds in order to facilitate counting.

ScanStation software complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. It allows electronic signatures, audit trails and encrypted data for security reasons. You can assign different users rights depending on the access levels.

Data integrity


Mono or multi-batch

The loading of Petri dishes can be done at the beginning or during the incubation. ScanStation simultaneously processes batches with different light settings or different incubation time.




The integrated barcode reader can read most 1D/2D barcodes on the market, including QR codes and datamatrix.

ScanStation is compatible with Spiral platers and the dataLink system. This will avoid double data entry, a source of error, and save time.

Traceability system with DataLink



The ScanStation, incubator and automatic colony counter, integrated itself into different fields of application. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to any protocol such as bioburden, challenge tests, counting and quality control. Real-time monitoring offers anticipated results for validation.

Application - FoodApplication - EnvironmentalApplication - Pharmaceutical

Application - CosmeticsApplications - VeterinaryApplication - Public research