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Novacyt COVID-19 Diagnostic tests remain able to detect all published virus strains

AFSBio is proud to partner with Novacyt Group/Primer Design for North America to offer their SaRS-COV-2 (FDA/EUA approved) and SaRS-COV2 Winterplex assays. Both CE-IVD certified.

They test for both ORF1ab and the S gene with 100% specificity. The Winterplex assay also includes Influenza A, B, and RSV.

Their latest press release shows that both tests can still detect the new COVID-19 variant by the UK's COVID-19 Genomics UK consortium, known as VUI-202012/01 with the same high level of accuracy.

Novacyt notes this new strain of the virus has also been identified in other countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark, and Australia.