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FREE (Free Radical Elective Evaluator) DUO dedicated System - photometer

FREE (Free Radical Elective Evaluator) DUO dedicated System - photometer

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FREE DUO Dedicated system for oxidative stress evaluation

FREE DUO is the latest instrument developed by Diacron International. It has been specifically designed for the assessment of oxidative stress and performs the Panel Carratelli tests rapidly and effortlessly. The simplicity of FREE DUO derives from the presence of an interactive guide that offers professionals step by step assistance in the execution of analyses which can now be carried out even faster thanks to the dual reading cell. It is, in fact, possible to perform two analyses simultaneously - for example the d-ROMs Test and the BAP Test.


Features FREE Carpe Diem FREE Duo
Mini-centrifuge integrated
Liquid crystal display
Alpha-numeric keypad
Graphics printer
Software + PC/tablet/smartphone connection
Clinical-chemistry tests execution
Panel Carratelli tests execution Complete Panel Complete Panel, except –SHp Test
Incubation cell holder 9 units 6 units
Thermostated reading cells 1 cell 2 cells simultaneously
Dimensions and weight L. 35cm x P. 30 cm x H. 12 cm 7,5 kg L. 28,6 x P. 28,6 x H. 11,3 3,5 kg