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​Innovative Tools for 3D Cell Culture


Lena Biosciences has developed a unique 3D cell culture technology that recreates the physiological architecture that cells experience in vivo. This human-mimetic platform allows real-time study of cell behavior, and time-course metabolome and secretome analyses.


SeedEZ scaffold provides a convenient framework for 3D cell culture, cell-based assays, and organ-like tissue models.


PerfusionPal combines 3D cell culture with perfusion and our proprietary blood substitute to bring life to your cells. 


GradientEZ is a versatile system for studying 3D cell invasion with multiple stimuli applied in parallel, as in vivo. 

Current Market Limitations (addressed with PerfusionPal/SeedEZ):

The Perfusion Organ Panel / SeedEZ solution:

The 3D system, Perfused Organ Panel (POP) is a three-part solution consisting of the PerfusionPal plate, SeedEZ, and Blood Substitute, resulting in a uniquely accessible organo-mimetic 3D platform that provides perfusion and superior gas delivery to cells.

Benefits of Using the Perfusion Organ Panel

- Physiologically relevant interstitial perfusion
- Superior oxygenation and pH stability​ via Blood Substitute that mimics the functions of Hemoglobin
- High cell sensitivity to stimuli
- Statistically independent wells​ (high N for tests and controls)
- Long-term culturing
- In-well assaying (supernatants can be transferred to another plate for reads)
​- Assay multiplexing
- Time-course assaying by sampling secretome and metabolome from wells
- Customizable perfusion rates
- Aseptic perfusion (Blood Substitute does not support growth of microorganisms)
- Reliable perfusion (no bubbles and no microchannels to clog)
- Zero dead volume in fluidics (no waste of precious reagents)
- Sterile and ready to use
- Blood Substitute can be reused, and maintains purity (Blood Substitute is inert, insoluble in and immiscible with media, reagents, drugs etc.)
- Better precision and control compared to animal models


SeedEZ scaffold provides a convenient framework for 3D cell culture, cell-based assays, and organ-like tissue models.

It provides:

Robust Models 

Enables researchers to make co-cultures of two, three or more different cell types 

Assay Multiplexing 

Mix-and-measure assays run in the scaffold provide time-course cell analyses 

Portable Cultures 

Routine transfer of cultures from a plate to a dish for high-resolution imaging 

Reproducible Results 

Defined cell distribution in x, y, and z, yields precise results across experiments  


The PerfusionPal combines 3D cell culture with perfusion and Lena Biosciences' proprietary blood substitute to bring life to your cells.

It is and provides:

Clinically Relevant

Provides accurate data that assists researchers in identifying new drug targets & biomarkers

Efficient and Humane

Improves characterization of human cells and diseases in vitro to bypass the use of animal models

Advanced Testing

Allows researchers to zero-in on the most promising treatments in drug design and development

Adjustable Flow Rate

Users can program the flow rates to mimic those in the body in various organs and organ systems

Blood Substitute

Lena Biosciences' proprietary Blood Substitute provides efficient delivery of atmospheric gases to the cells growing in their system. It enables superior oxygenation and pH maintenance by mimicking the functions of Hemoglobin which results in increased cell viability and function in vitro.

It provides:

Superior Oxyenation 

Ensures that cells throughout the system receive oxygen and other gases uniformly 

pH Stability 

Improves delivery of carbon dioxide for stable and balanced pH environment 

Improved Function 

Enhances cell respiratory and drug metabolism, and organ-specific functions 

Extended Studies 

Increases cell longevity, eliminating time restriction on research 


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