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About Us

About AFSBio Inc. 

I founded AFSBio in January 2019 because I wanted to be part of a Biotech company that motivates people and allows them to grow. I strive to give my sales staff what they need to succeed, and because of that, we stand out from the competition. We’re more personal. In big companies, customers rarely see their sales reps, let alone develop relationships with them. The reps have so many clients they can’t possibly do more. We’re different. At AFSBio, we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with customers. We’re friendly. We don’t hound people to buy things. It’s more than a relationship between sales rep and customer. We’re colleagues.
AFSBio wants to challenge the gold standard and break the status quo. Within the Life Sciences industry, there will always be processes that are challenging and time consuming. AFSBio refuses to accept that the way it’s done is always the best way. We find the companies with products that make processes faster, and that give better results. We seek out global partners who can speed up the time to results or improve the quality of data. In the end, it’s all about getting researchers the data that they need to publish high quality research.
We provide value. It’s not about doing things the same as everyone else. We develop a long-term relationship so that we can understand workflows, and what the problems are. We learn about pain points. And then we find the disruptive technology that delivers a solution.
This is a fast-paced industry that is constantly growing. With my team at AFSBio, I’m excited to be part of it, providing the equipment and the consumables that make it all possible.

Erica D’Angelo

Founder & CEO of AFSBio

After getting my degree in the Life Sciences, I jumped right into industry, joining the field of Next Generation Sequencing. I was drawn to Biotech because it’s an exciting field, especially the research in molecular biology that is creating personalized medicines like cancer and immunological therapies. It’s the forefront of disease research.

AFSBio was born out of my desire to form better connections between scientists in North America and innovative tech companies around the world. Those connections let me find the suppliers who bring the value – the gold mine – that my customers need.

AFSBio is also my way of making a better working environment for my team, one job at a time. I’ve always been a people person, and I’ve tried to understand what people need to be successful and happy. AFSBio has a business model that motivates people and allows them to grow. I’m proud     of the company that I’ve built, and I’m excited to see how much we will grow in the months and years to come.

I’m currently looking to pursue speaking and mentorship opportunities to support women in Biotech and STEM fields. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outside with my partner, our two dogs and our budgie.


 Ivana Gvozdic


 After graduating from the  Life Sciences at the University of Toronto, she was certain she’d become a  veterinarian, even going so far as to volunteer and work with a variety of animals. But after learning more about the life sciences industry, she realized that this is a much better fit. After landing at AFSBio, she quickly brought herself up to speed on the internal running of the company.

Her responsibilities include the daily running of the company, from the smallest details to the game-changers.

Outside the office, you can find Ivana enjoying her coin and stamp collections, Netflixing, or just relaxing outside.