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Tools for Drug Discovery

Our goal is to help researchers achieve biologically-relevant data they need for clinically relevant results. We select innovative technologies that mimic native conditions, improve reproducibility and LOT to LOT consistency, and achieve results with faster and easier workflows

Petaka G3 Cell Culture Chambers

Addresses the age-old issue of hyperoxia and enables room-temperature live cell shipping.

3D Models for Cell Culture

Proprietary 3D cell culture scaffold with enhanced perfusion for personalized medicine research

High Quality Antibodies, Antigens, ELISAs

We partner with state of the art facilities enabling higher performance and faster production of antibodies using chickens, exceptional data and reproducibility from native antigens, as well as ELISAs and chemiluminescent reagents.

Custom Lentivirus and AAV Products and Services

 Options for COVID-19 and CRIPSR-Cas9 also available

Behaviour Analysis in the Home Cage for Mice and Rats

Winner of two NC3R's CRACKIT challenges, the Actual HCA Home Cage Analyzer allows for more relevant data while maintaining social grouping, less technician interference, and less stress on the rodents

Assay Experts in GPCR and Cell Engineering

Cell Line Generation
CRISPR Cell Engineering
Assay Development
Screening and Profiling
GPCR Antibody Profiling
Frozen Cell Scale Up and Biobanking

Bioconjugation and Silica Nano-Particles for Flow Cytometry

Proprietary silica-nanoparticle matrix that increases fluorescence signal intensity and duration. Ideal for low signal targets or longer term imaging.

Bioconjugation services also available.

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