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Mauro Carratelli, Founder of Diacron - Monitoring the balance of oxidative agents and antioxidants

Our partner Diacron has the most comprehensive panel (Panel Carratelli) for global assessment and diagnosis of oxidative balance applicable to many different platforms and biological matrices.  

The original and unique d-ROMs test (pro-oxidant status) combined with one of the parameters related to antioxidant potential (BAP test, Oxy-adsorbent test, -SHp test, and anti-ROMs test), provides a comprehensive oxidative evaluation. 

The results of these exams lead to an extremely accurate and reliable evaluation of oxidative balance, where the two opposite parameters (pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant) can be individually analyzed. This allows the real-time picture of the oxidative stress, the increased production of free radicals or a reduced capacity of the antioxidant barrier.  

The antioxidant therapy monitoring can be based on solid fundamentals and not on an empiric idea. 

All diagnostic kits of the Panel Carratelli can be used on standard photometers - assays can also be run on the dedicated FREE analytics systems (FREE Carpe Diem and FREE Duo) 

The kits were designed for practical and immediate use without complicated preparations and are stable with a long shelf life up to 18 months. 

About: Mauro Carratelli:

In 1994, after years of research, Carratelli developed and patented the d-ROMs test. It is the first test in the world for the routine blood evaluation of the oxidative state. For his new procedure, he obtained patents in most European countries, as well as in the United States and Canada. It is used in the most important research centers, laboratories, and medical centers in the world. The vast amount of scientific literature certifies its recognized validity.