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Membrane Protein Extraction, Solubilization, and Stabilization – Determine the best conditions with the new CALIXAR Screening Kit

We are happy to introduce our partner CALIXAR – experts in GPCR assay development services, as well as reagents.

Recently, they have come out with the CALIXARTM Screening Kit. This kit can be used to determine the best reagent or the most suitable combination of reagents to extract, solubilize, and stabilize native and functional membrane proteins (GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, enzymes, etc).

This allows clients to obtain pure and functional membrane proteins with high medical relevance, to aid in drug discovery and/or to open new therapeutic pathways. 

This kit contains 5 soft proprietary detergents and 5 soft proprietary stabilization reagents to perform 10 tests altogether. 

For more information, please visit the CALIXARTM Screening Kit product page, or contact us