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Serum-Free GMP-grade Chemically Defined Media for MSCs - no animal or human-derived components!

We are happy to introduce our new partner XCell, featuring their CellCorTM Chemically-Defined (CD) MSC. CellCorTM is a serum-free chemically defined media for expansion and growth of human mesenchymal stem cells. This includes hMSCs derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood.

CellCorTM CD MSC is composed only of recombinant and synthetic materials. It is a serum-free media that does not contain human-derived components such as hPL or HSA. 

Key advantages include:

  • Stemness and Productivity
    • Excellent cell productivity with superior proliferation
  • Reproducibility
    • Manufactured under strict QC guidelines in a GMP facility, providing highly reproducible results with minimal manipulation
  • Regulatory-Friendly
    • CD products adhere to advanced regulations as they do not contain animal or human derived components (such as hPL or serum).
  • No supplements or coating required


Here you can see a comparison between CellCorTM CD Media and FBS/DMEM and competing Serum-Free medias:


CellCorTM CD Media is manufactured strictly following GMP-guidelines and QC protocols.

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