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Shipping Live Cells at Room Temperature - and More Benefits of Using the Petaka G3 in Biomanufacturing

AFSBio is excited to introduce the Petaka G3 from Celartia. Today we are showcasing its relevance in supporting biomanufacturing of cell therapies. 

In the paper, "Biomanufacturing for clinically advanced cell therapies" ( ), they outline the Petaka G3 (Celartia) as a useful tool for the preservation, storage, and shipping of live cells.

The Petaka G3 can also be used to combat common challenges faced in the cell therapy space, such as:

  • Contamination 
  • Scaling-up adherent cell manufacturing
  • Storage, preservation, and shipping. 

The Petaka G3 is a physiologic culture chamber, that addresses all of these issues. It is a completely closed system, with the ability to culture far more cells (15million) than a traditional flask or 2D plate. It regulates O2/CO2 diffusion to mimic native conditions (low physiologic oxygen levels), and can be used to ship cells live at room temperature for up to 15 days. As well as can be directly cryopreserved for cold storage. 

Some other relevant features: 

  • Culture more cells in each Petaka G3 and add 1-2 days to media changes
  • By controlling gas exchange humidity is also controlled preventing cells from drying out Slim Design – Save space and grow more cells per shelf on incubator
  • Elimination of the water tray in the incubator 
  • Reduction in plastic waste by 67%