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Simplified Chemical Analyses of Wine and Must – Diacron Agrifood CARPE DIEM


Our partner Diacron’s Agri-Food division offers a dedicated system and reagents for the chemical analyses of wine and must throughout the production chain.

A solid measurement of your crops helps you to:

  • Produce the best quality food in the industry
  • Increase the quantity of your products without sacrificing quality
  • Determine the best time to harvest
  • Assure the best taste of your products

These kits are designed for either immediate use in the field, or in a lab setting, and are suitable for non-expert personnel.

Using these tools, you can perform the following analyses in a few minutes through very simple steps:

**Reagents for wine and must analysis can be applied to any photometer or spectrophotometer, both automatic and manual.

Reagents are:

READY TO USE: for practical and immediate use without complicated preparations

STABLE: minimum shelf life of 12 months

PRACTICAL: supplied in packs of 10 determinations or more that can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator at 2-8 °C


The AGRIFOOD CARPE DIEM Instrument for Wine and Must

Key Features

  • Easy to use, fast, and small
  • For red and white wine, must during fermentation, SO2 (still must), cider, etc
  • Requires no special operational skills
  • Integrated printer, centrifuge and thermostat SW for the Data Manager
  • Gives reliable results in a few minutes
  • Guarantees accuracy
  • Eliminates the need for calibration procedures
  • Can also perform analysis on water, various types of oils, vinegar, must, and dried fruit.

Data management software is available that allows you to enter information on the samples analyzed, consult the results of the analyses performed and create reports for various test sessions. The program can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about Diacron’s Agrifood instrumentation and reagent line – and how they can be integrated into your own production facility.