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BAP Test

BAP Test

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Rapid determination of Biological Antioxidant Potential


Used For: to evaluate the state of antioxidant defenses and/or the effectiveness of specific antioxidant treatments.

Evaluates: it allows to measure the chemically active antioxidant capacity (scavengers) of the plasma barrier. In particular it includes antioxidants both of exogenous nature (ascorbic acid and tocopherols) and of endogenous nature (uric acid, bilirubin and albumin).

Matrix: Serum or Heparinized plasma, fresh or frozen

Sector of application: Human and Veterinary


Instrumentation: FREE Systems, manual photometers, multiple analysers, microplate readers

Catalogue Numbers:

1x50ml: MC436

2x50ml: MC437

40 det. FREE: MC436/FREE