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COSFect Transfection Reagent
COSFect Transfection Reagent
COSFect Transfection Reagent

COSFect Transfection Reagent

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COSFect is a high efficiency transfection reagent specifically developed for COS cell lines. COSFect is a lipid-based reagent based on the Tee-Technology (“Triggered Endosomal Escape”). The cationic design of COSFect reagent allows high nucleic acid compaction for an efficient transport into COS cells. This reagent is composed by biodegradable lipids leading to high viability and is ready-to-use. 

COSFect Benefits:
  • Highly efficient with COS cell lines
  • Ready-to-use: no need for additional buffer
  • Low nucleic acid amount - minimized toxicity
  • High level of nucleic acid compaction
  • Easy and straightforward protocol
  • Compatible with any culture medium: medium changed not required
  • 500μL (CF10500):125-250 transfections with 1µg of DNA
  • 1mL (CF11000): 250-500 transfections with 1µg of DNA
  • 5mL (CF12500): 1250-2500 transfections with 1µg of DNA

Storage: -20°C
Shipping Conditions: Room temperature



RECOMMENDED FOR: Nucleic acids transfection into COS lineages.


COSFect Transfection Reagent results

Figure 1: Complexes of DNA and COSFect were prepared  (0.4μg and 0.5μg per well in a 24-well plate / ratio 2:1) and DNA transfection with other commercial transfection reagents was performed as recommended by the manufacturers (0.4μg and 0.5μg / recommended ratios). After 24 H transfection, COS-7 viability was measured with the MTT cell proliferation Assay Kit (OZ Biosciences-Ref #MT01000) and compared to un-treated cells.