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d-ROMs Test

d-ROMs Test

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Rapid determination of Reactive Oxygen Metabolites (Free Radical Compounds) in plasma and serum


Used For: provide an indication on general wellness of the organism, identify risks and predisposition to oxidative damage in subjects that are exposed to risk factors or suffering from disease or undergoing treatments.

Evaluates: the free alcohol and hydroperoxyl radicals derived from hydroperoxides present in the sample. The acronym d-ROMs stands for derivates of Reactive Oxygen Metabolites.

Matrix: Serum or Heparinized plasma fresh or frozen

Sector of application: Human and Veterinary


Instrumentation: FREE Systems, manual photometers, multiple analysers, microplate readers

Catalogue Numbers:

1x25ml: MC006

1x50ml: MC001

2x50ml: MC002

4x50ml: MC003

40 det. FREE: MC013/FREE