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Magnetic plates
Magnetic plates

Magnetic plates

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Magnetofection technology requires an appropriate magnetic field that magnetizes the nanoparticles in solution, forms a very strong gradient to attract the nanoparticles onto cells and covers all the surface of the culture dish. Therefore, optimized magnetic plates with tailored properties have been especially designed for Magnetofection. 


OZ Biosciences’ magnetic plates main features:

  • Suitable for all Magnetofection reagents and all cell culture dishes (384-, 96-, 4, 24, 12, 6-well plates, 35, 60, 90 & 100 mm dishes, T-25, T-75 and any other flasks)
  • Can be easily cleaned and decontaminated with 70% ethanol
  • Can be used within incubators and with robots
  • Can be used at room temperature, 37°C, +4°C, etc.
  • Compatible with culture plates from most common suppliers
  • Solid, completely reusable, it is a one-time buy.



For all Magnetofection applications:

Super Magnetic Plate # MF10000

For 96 wells cell culture:

96-Magnets Plate # MF10096


For all cell culture supports:

Mega Magnetic plate # MF14000