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Pre-Made LLV mPlum (100uL)

Pre-Made LLV mPlum (100uL)

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Pre-Made LLV mPlum (100uL)

Catalogue Number: TG-MPL-100


Tailored to your needs

With over 25 years of experience, we back our Pre-Made and custom vectors with 100% money-back guarantee.

All vectors contain the EF1 alpha promoter, but we can design custom vectors with CMV, hPGK or EFs promoters to meet your individual needs. Please contact us if interested in a custom vector.

High titre and high purity

Our vectors undergo a stringent ultrafiltration process, resulting in titers of 10e8 TU/mL and 10e9 TU/mL with purity that is near pre-clinical and clinical grade vectors. This guarantees highly efficient transfer of your gene into target cells (hematopoietic stem cells, primary cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, organoids), and facilitates gene expression analysis. 


Our 3rd generation lentivirus vectors are modular, allowing the use of specific promoters (CMV, pGK, EF1-a, EFs) with specific markers (eGFP, mCherry, lacZ, PuroR, mPlum, mNeptune). We offer single and dual promoter vectors; the latter allows for expression of two genes simultaneously as well as inducible and CRISPR vectors. All vectors carry the vesicular stomatitis virus-G (VSV-G) envelope protein, known to target a wide variety of cell types. We also offer vector titration, vector copy number and transgene expression analysis services for preclinical and clinical grade lentivirus vectors.

Consultation and Custom Projects

Whether you’re looking to outsource your project to a skilled team you can trust, or simply need advice on how to carry out your own experiment, Tailored Genes can help. We provide both individualized consultations and start-to-finish project execution. As a client, our dedicated team’s decades of experience will help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter in executing your research. 

Please contact us for more info.


We provide 3rd Generation vectors consistent with guidelines provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada. This means they meet the highest safety standards on the market and guaranteeing transduction of targeted cells with minimum toxicity. Our 3rd Generation vectors are produced by transfection of HEK293T cells with 4 endotoxin-free expression plasmids.