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Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent
Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent
Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent
Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent

Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent

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Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent is an innovative reagent allowing intracellular delivery of biologically active proteins. This lipid-based formulation is the first serum compatible reagent to deliver functional proteins into living cells. The proteins delivered inside cells retain their biological functions.


  • Intracellular delivery of functionally active proteins

  • Highly efficient in many primary cells and cell lines

  • Serum compatible

  • Biodegradable and non-toxic

  • Easy: straightforward protocol and ready-to-use (no chemical conjugation required).


Pro-DeliverIN™ is provided with 100µL of R-Phycoerythrin Positive Control.


  • 100µL (PI10100): 50-100 assays
  • 250µL (PI10250): 125-250 assays
  • 500µL (PI10500): 250-500 assays
  • 1 mL (PI11000): 500-1000 assays
Storage: +4°C
Shipping conditions: Room temperature



  • Suitable for primary cells and cell lines
  • Ideal for your protein delivery applications:
    • Intracellular localization studies in living cells
    • Protein-protein interactions
    • FRET studies

RECOMMENDED FOR: Intracellular delivery of proteins.



Intracellular delivery of R-Phycoerythrin into various cell lines

Figure 1 : Intracellular delivery of R-phycoerythrin into various cell lines. 1 µg of R-Phycoerythrin was mixed with   2 µL of Pro-DeliverIN™ reagent. Complexes were then incubated with different cell lines in 24-well plates. Living cells were observed 24h later by fluorescence microscopy.

Pro-deliverIN Transfection reagent results

Figure 2: Pro-DeliverIN delivers fully functional proteins. HeLa cells were treated with 15 ng of active human caspase-3 and 5 µL of the Pro-DeliverIN reagent in 24-well plates. As controls, cells were treated either with 15ng of caspase 3 alone, 5 μL of Pro-DeliverIN alone or 100 nM staurosporine (positive control). After 7h of incubation, cells were stained with Annexin-FITC and propidium iodide. Apoptotic and dead cells were monitored by cytofluorimetry. 



Pro-DeliverIN succeeded in transporting active CRE recombinase that induced homologous recombination consequently.


Homologous Recombination: HEK-293 cells were stably transfected with GFP plasmid containing LOX sequences. Active CRE recombinase Enzyme was delivered using Pro-DeliverIN reagent and GFP expression was monitored 96 H after delivery.