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Tailored Lenti-BFP All-In-One Packaging Kit (25x100mm plate)

Tailored Lenti-BFP All-In-One Packaging Kit (25x100mm plate)

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ALL-IN-ONE Lentivirus Packaging Kit

With over 25 years of experience, we back our LV kits with a 100% money back guarantee.

Introducing: Tailored Lenti BFP, an all-in-one 3rd Gen LV vector kit contains packaging mix and transfection reagent. No need for separate expensive transfection reagent. Simply add pre-made mix to HEK293T producer cells and harvest LV vector 48 hours later. Guarantee a total of 10e8 infectious unit recovery from each 100mm culture plate*

Simple Workflow

• Add to producer cells.

• LVV BFP harvest in 48 hours.

• 10e8 infectious unit from each 100mm culture plate.

Also available with eGFP, mPlum, firefly Luciferase, and mNeptune.

Kit with custom LV expression vector available - please contact us for more details.


* Titer can vary depending on size of custom LV expression vector