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ViroMag Transduction Reagent
ViroMag Transduction Reagent
ViroMag Transduction Reagent

ViroMag Transduction Reagent

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ViroMag Transduction Reagent is a magnetic nanoparticles formulation dedicated to increase virus infection and transduction capacities; it is suitable for all viruses. Based on the Magnetofection™ technology, this reagent allows concentrating the complete applied dose of viral particles onto cells within minutes, inducing a significant improvement of virus transduction with extremely low vector doses. Due to its specific properties, ViroMag is ideal to infect non permissive cells. This reagent demonstrates an exceptionally high efficiency to promote, control and assist viral transductions so that no molecular biology processes or biochemical modifications are required. 

 Increases transduction efficiency

  • Accelerates the transduction process
  • Efficient for hard-to-infect and non-permissive cells
  • Concentrates the viral dose onto the cells
  • Suitable for all type of virus
  • Synchronise cells adsorption/infection without modifications of the viruses


"Infection with ViroMag allowed to use 10 times less viruses with better viability". Sloutskin A et al, J Virol Methods. 2014

ViroMag transduction reagent:


  • 100 µL (VM40100): 30-500 transductions in 96-well plate
  • 200 µL (VM40200): 60-1000 transductions in 96-well plate
  • 1 mL (VM41000): 300-5000 transductions in 96-well plate
  • #KC30500: ViroMag Starting Kit with Super Magnetic plate + 200 µL of ViroMag
  • #KC30600: ViroMag Triple Starting Kit with Super Magnetic plate + 100 µL of ViroMag, AdenoMag, ViroMag RL
Storage: +4°C
Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature 


ViroMag transduction reagent:

  • Suitable for cell transduction with all viral vectors: Adenovirus, α-virus, Baculovirus, Herpes virus, Lentivirus, Retrovirus, Rhabdovirus, Paramyxovirus, Polyomavirus...

  • Perfect for mammalian cells: Adherent and suspension primary cells, hard to transfect cells and cell lines.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Increasing viral transduction efficiency without Polybrene.



ViroMag Transduction resultsFigure 1: ViroMag enhances adenoviral infection. K562, PBL and NIH-3T3 cells were infected with an adenovirus alone (Ad-LacZ) or with complexes of adenovirus and 3 μL of ViroMag. Cells were submitted or not to magnetic field and beta-Galactosidase expression was determined 24H after infection.

ViroMag Transduction resultsFigure 2: Time Course of HIV Infection with or wihtout ViroMag